Womensforum Media Kit

New Year New You

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Workout Pal

Quick workouts personalized just for you! Customized videos with the ability for product integration make this tool a must-buy for brands looking to reach health & fitness minded women. Don’t miss out on this 100% SOV opportunity!

555 Meal Planner

Our NEW weekly meal planner for busy women on the go showcases 5 Ingredients, 5 Minute Prep, and 5 Weeknights! What could be easier?! Recipes, how-to-videos and key influencers bring to life this first-to-market 100% SOV opportunity!
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Travel Planner

Our curated travel guide recommends top destinations to explore this new year – full itineraries included! This 100% SOV opportunity is a unique way to reach women looking to make her way through this year’s bucket list!
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Fitness Bootcamp Event

Let our trainers help you jump-start your new year’s resolutions! The WF Fitness Bootcamp inspires women to look and feel their best with a team of supporters behind her. A virtual and live event are sure to help kick off her fitness goals!

Womensforum TV

All 8 of our award-winning WFTV Original Programming Series are ready for the New Year! From sponsored episodes to fully integrated branding opportunities, Womensforum has you covered!
Pantry Pal

Pantry Pal

Our best-in-class web tool designed to help women find quick and easy meals based on everyday ingredients already in her kitchen. Branding and product integrations available in this 100% SOV opportunity!
Around the Table

Around the Table

Our entertaining destination is a one-stop-shop for women looking to host family and friends. Shoppable and shareable content lives in the form of custom articles, slideshows and videos! Sponsors receive 100% SOV within desired edition.
Get the Look

Get the Look

Look your best, feel your best with the latest styles! Our Style & Beauty destination brings the latest and greatest to millions of fashionistas who want to Get the Look & Buy the Look via our shoppable destination! Our exclusive Get the Look “Shop-It” Tool is an interactive tool that brings the latest styles to women via shoppable curated looks.