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Before “mommy blogs” were even a thing Women’s Forum knew the power held in the words of women and provided the stage where they could shine.
That community has grown and remains a powerhouse of influence and success.

Womensforum is a leading women’s lifestyle community reaching over 60 million people each month (comScore).

You can be a part of this great community!

Womensforum’s mission is to help its partners grow and prosper by bringing them the support and resources they need.


Womensforum offers a fully-customized video platform with original content to match yours, including:

  • Custom player with your branding
  • Custom playlists of your choice
  • Appear in your own videos!
  • High CPM ad revenue


Blogger Forum

  • Write for an audience of over 45 million
  • Become a featured icon and face of Womensforum.com- an “expert” within your subject category
  • Own the most valuable real estate with the greatest exposure
  • Build your social media following
  • Drive traffic to your website with blog post links


Technical Support

  • Technical Support and Advice
  • Web site design and ad optimization
  • SEO Advice
  • Free Ad serving
  • Online Revenue Reporting
  • Custom Video Platform

Traffic Driving

  • Share ideas and ask advice
  • Traffic exchange program
  • SEO value links from Womensforum.com
  • Expert blogs: a real traffic-driver
  • Guest features in our weekly newsletter and on WF homepage slideshow



  • Industry-competitive rates and yield
  • Top-tier, family-friendly ads
  • 100% Fill Rate
  • Yield Optimization
  • High CPM Video Program
  • Optional CPA/CPL with proprietary deals, coupons and contests
  • 60-day payment
  • No deduction for expenses – True revenue split

Contact Information

Corporate Office
Tracy Hatfield
312.396.1800 x 414

444 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 3550

Chicago, IL 60611